The HEYHA Moth

In 2016 to mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Amy Johnson, Hull's flying heroine, there was an ambitious festival of the Arts and Engineering. This included "A Moth for Amy" which was a successful arts project consisting of 59 brightly coloured artist designed moths that told Amy's story. Many are still in the City in various locations.

The HEYHA sponsored moth "A Flutter of Inspiration" is now in the foyer of the Holiday Inn Express Ferensway Hull.

The HEYHA Moth's design celebrates pioneering scientists and engineers such as Rosalind Franklin, whose research helped lead to the discovery of DNA, and Ada Lovelace, who aided in the development of early computing technology. The patterns take their cue from Art Deco ceramics and fabric, but also incorporate symbols and images from the sciences.

For more information, see the Amy Johnson Arts Trust website here.

The HEYHA Moth:

"A Flutter of Inspiration"

by Julia Zeller-Jacques

Julia Zeller-Jacques is a graduate of the Hull School of Art and Design who lived in East Yorkshire for more than two decades. Now based in Scotland, she works as a freelance artists and illustrator, producing original prints and paintings inspired by local landscapes and architecture.